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Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD

Chuck RudolphA Registered Dietitian is the expert on healthy eating, food and nutrition. A Registered Dietitian has a university degree in nutrition and dietetics, has completed an internship in a hospital and is a member of the provincial dietetic association or college. The title "dietitian" is protected and can only be used by people who meet the high educational standards, whereas the term "nutritionist" is not protected. 


Chuck Rudolph is a Registered Dietitian (Graduate California State University Long Beach) and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Education with concentration in Biochemistry (Graduate of University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor’s degree of Science from Xavier University. Chuck has been providing meal plans and nutrition education for the past 15+ years. He currently is the Director of Research and Development for Scivation/Primaforce, an innovative nutritional supplement company directed at utilizing cutting edge nutrients for enhanced athletic performance, weight/fat loss and wellness. 


Being a former college athlete, Chuck Rudolph’s expertise is directed at weight reduction, body fat loss and enhancing sports performance through simple, yet superior nutrition planning and education. He has developed successful meal plans for top level business men/women, stay at home moms that want to be in shape as well as various professional, college and high school athletes. Chuck has authored and co-authored various published scientific articles that are written for health care practitioners and consumers. Currently, his personal interests involve educating balanced nutrition to coincide with each person’s busy and hectic lifestyle. 


Through his efforts, Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD has acquired an excellent reputation for his ability to assess and implement nutritional excellence. His years of practical and clinical experience have given him a unique ability in connecting together the disparity between nutrition science and its application for optimal physical wellness and performance.

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